What will I do as a volunteer?

If you volunteered for a job unrelated to shuttles, your assignment is going to be fairly fluid. While we try to give people the specific tasks they volunteer for, when necessary we will ask people to fill in on other jobs - for example, you may have volunteered for the information desk, but if we don't have anyone who can keep working at student check-in, we'll ask you to cover that instead as it's a higher priority for us.

What do I wear?

The way you dress greatly influences your first impression with recruiters. The SEC recommends that you dress Business Casual and up. You can find attire guidelines at the following link.

Where do I go?

Volunteers: We run volunteer check-in on the third floor of Squires in room 342. We'll have signs up and give more information in an email. 

What do volunteers get?

All volunteers who work 2 or more shifts are given an Expo volunteer t-shirt. If you need service hours, we're glad to provide whatever documentation you need in exchange for your help. Volunteering is also a great way to show representatives your work ethic and commitment to service. Volunteers are also given priority in getting student name tags, so if you volunteer early, you'll be one of the first through the doors once your shift ends.