Brazen Information

Information on the Virtual Recruitment at Expo

Note: Weeks prior to the event, companies will receive a virtual handbook with extensive information on how to set up your booth and navigate the platform. In the meantime, please contact us with any questions or concerns.

What is Brazen?

Known as the #1 virtual job fair platform for universities and colleges, Brazen’s virtual event software allows for a seamless transition to virtual hiring events. The company has been building virtual event software since 2012, and is currently on its 3rd generation platform with advanced video-chat capabilities and a customizable interface. For more detailed information on the Brazen platform please click here


  • 1:1 text-based chat
  • 1:1 video
  • Customizable and intuitive platform
  • Mobile-friendly experience
  • Pre-screen candidates with SmartQueue
  • Live video broadcasting integration
  • Secure conversations
  • Candidate navigation features
  • Candidate resume uploads

What does the platform look like?

Pictures, logos, and layout are subject to change for the actual event. These images are from a demo to give a general idea.

Card image cap
Inside the Lobby
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Inside a Text Chat
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Inside a Video Chat

Video Chat not included with the Basic Package

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Main student registration page

How can I customize my booth?

Companies will be provided a link to their booth a couple weeks prior to the event which will enable them to go on in their own time and customize the layout, colors, and information on the site. Videos, pictures, logos, and information on the company and available positions are recommended to add. For assistance with customizing your booth, please contact us.

How can I learn how to navigate the platform?

Brazen offers training sessions that companies can sign up for at no additional cost. Information on how to sign up will be sent in a welcome information pamphlet provided weeks prior to the event. Brazen IT and the Student Engineers’ Council will be on standby during the entirety of the event to assist with any questions or concerns that may arise. The welcome information pamphlet will also include more information on navigating the platform.

How does a chat with a student work?

Like in a normal fair, students will be the first to reach out to talk to recruiters. Once in the event, students will be able to enter into a company booth, look through the information, and click to chat to recruiters. If there is a line and SmartQueue is turned on, students will be automatically sorted, so that those with credentials that meet your needs will be placed higher on the list to chat.

Once it is their turn, the student and recruiter are connected 1:1 via text chat. A timer will count down to help increase efficiency of the booths, and recruiters can extend this time as needed. If the company has video-booth capabilities, they will be able to offer to open a virtual video chat with the student as well.

Information provided by the student (i.e. Name, contact information, resume, etc.) will show up on the right side of the screen, and recruiters can write up notes during their conversation. All 1:1 chats and notes are private, and only those in the conversation have access to that information. After the chat, recruiters have the option to schedule an interview or sort students based on their interaction. Students are encouraged to rate their experience with the recruiter following the conversation.

When the event ends, how can I access the students’ information?

Once the event closes at 5 PM, any open chats have the opportunity to finish. However, once the event ends, students and recruiters will no longer see the option to "Chat". They will still be able to access all booth content and information, just not the option to chat. Employers can then access their "History" tab on the left hand navigation bar to review all of their chats and student information. They will be able to access this event as long as they have the event URL. We do not delete the event on our end.